GR / Acerca de mi


Guillermina Regalado

From a very young age i had a fascination for fabrics, garments, details, for aesthetics in general.I was always linked to the world of clothing, i even played making clothes for my dolls.

2008 was a key year for me because i took a decisive desition in my life that transformed what had always been a game into a job. With the help of my family and friends the dream came true an Guillermina Regalado started. Over time i managed to form a very nice team work.

In everything we do, we seek that women feel comfortable, that they feel the freshness of the fabrics and the fit is perfect for their body. We take garments to the maximum expression. The way we do this is by creating products adaptable to bodies that go from an S to an L, well designed, simple and comfortable.